Splendid Welcome Rangoli By Students
Discussion With H. H. Swami Tejomayanand Saraswati
Opening Ceremony
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          Organization of special events:
  1. Various Chinmaya Youth camps Participation of 1500 Youth.
  2. Organized and coordinator of “Awakning Indians to India” National quiz – Participation of 850 student in Akola.
  3. Organized and sponsored Inter College patriotic song Competition at Akola.
  4. Coordination of inter college Bhavgeet competition in Govt. College of Education Akola.
  5. Organized Geeta Chanting Competition every year.
  6. Organized State level conference on “No tra”

          Organized various work shop as coordinator of CTE Akola – Session 2006-07
  1. 8 days work shop on Sanskrit Grammer and Communication.
  2. 8 days work shop on New trends in Commerce.
  3. 8 days work shop on New Trends in Maths.
  4. 3 days work shop on Kavya Gayan.
  5. 3 days work shop on Teaching aids.
  6. Environmental education work shop.
  7. 12 days work shop on personality development.

          Session 2007-2007:
  1. Work shop on Sanskrit orientation.
  2. Current trends in commerce.
  3. 10 days work shop on environmental education.
  4. Use of computer in teaching 12 days.
  5. Developing English language skill 20 days.
  6. 8 days work shop on “From content to evaluation” (Math).
  7. Marathi orientation – 21 days.
  8. 8 days work shop on New trends in library science.