Splendid Welcome Rangoli By Students
Discussion With H. H. Swami Tejomayanand Saraswati
Opening Ceremony
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  • Objectives
  • Activities
  • Target Group
  • Training

Objectives of YEP
  1. To Make Spiritual Army
  2. To make integrated youth
  3. To develop the feeling of teamwork
  4. To develop the following quality
    A)Self respect
    B)Proud of their Nation
    C) Self confidence
    D) Prepare to work for re building the nation
    E) Ready to make sacrifice
  5. To increase the love about our Nation

To Make Spiritual Army
  1. Blood Donation Camps
  2. Visiting Orphanages
  3. Personality development camps
  4. Public speaking course
    • Sevak sadhana week Abhanga Darshan Chinmaya katha
    • Youth camps View of education Pulse polio
    • Shravan sadhana on Bhagwadgeeta Chinmaya youth festival
    • Patriotic song competition
  5. Drama – Yugapurusha
  6. Projects on “My city is beautiful and awakening of national consciousness among people”
    • Parikrama – interschool cultural programme
    • Art of man-making quiz contest Talks
    • Chinmaya Vyakhyanmala One act play
    • Saints of Maharashtra Indian Classical dance competition
    • Special coaching classes for 10th passed students

PROGRAMMS TO BE ORGANISED:- Following program will be organized by centre
  1. Camps
  2. Workshops
  3. Social Activities:- Visit to Vriddhashram, Visit to Special School Blood Donation Camp ,Teaching Value based living to the children and teenagers in slum area
  4. Cultural Arts:-Centre will Motivate Youth to Develop their talents like dance music drama even finance Marketing
  5. The study group will be organized at every Saturday and Sunday Name of study Group will

CHINMAYA YOUTH SUDY CIRCLE (CHYSC) This Activity will continue for Three years.It include the study of following books

Sr. no

Text For Youth

Study period


Game of Life

8 weeks


I Love You

12 weeks


An  Alter in your Life

02 weeks


Why do we

08 weeks


We Must

16 Weeks


Art of living

30 weeks


Right Thinking

08 weeks


Secret of Action

04 weeks


Kindle Life

12 weeks


Vision of Geeta

08 weeks


Art of Contemplation

08 weeks

For YEP Training period will Tree days Topics For Training
  1. Mind your mind
  2. Unfolding of Self
  3. Total Self
  4. Achieving success in exams
  5. Stress Management
  6. Self management
  7. Life Management
  8. Time management
  9. Love your life
  10. Fearless youth
  11. Life –A festival
  12. Art of living
  13. Game of life
  14. As i think
  15. Art of man making
  16. Transformation technology
  17. Art of action
  18. Inspiring leadership
  19. Beautiful mind
  20. gArt of communication
  21. Art of listing

Planning of various Session

First Session


Second Session







Resourse Persons:-
1)Acharya of Chinmaya Mission
Honorarium:- T.A.D.A. As per U.G.C and Government Norm