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Living With Chinmaya

Living With Chinmaya                I am always surprised when people ask me “ How do you manage all those things so well?”. But my surprise vanishes shortly and I understand, why people all so serious about me. In fact , everybody has to face challenges of some kind. Life now a days is so tedious and complicated that when people observe some one facing the adversities bravely, they are astonished! But naturally on their part! 27th Jan 1994! I still remember it! Birth of a child transformed married life of couples. Fills it with joy, happiness and satisfaction when husband and wife turn to become mother and father. With a healthy and normal child the moment is like a cherry on the top of pudding! We were also expecting for such a moment in our life .All my aspirations, desires were washed out as I heard the doctor saying “Your child is physically as well as mentally challenged”.But, life never stops for anybody. This . It was very necessary to accept the situation.

               All that happens in life is pre-decided, already written in the destiny that we can’t change, whatever we have to face in our life, we have to face it with complete acceptance then only we can get happiness & become successful. Both of us accepted it whole heartedly. It is important that one should understand the very reason of his life. God has designated a role for all of us. We must try to understand it. I am very fortunate to have my parents and my Guru who helped me understand my role. My “Chinmay” is physically and mentally challenged but the aim of my life lies in “Chinmay”. God has set a very hard exam paper for me. Very few people are selected by god for such hard task. We are one of them. The moment we realized this, all our worries and sorrows melted like the fog melts after sunrise and Chinmay become the matter of happiness for us. Our happiness extended beyond limit and the journey started.

               We certainly owe to our family, parents, Guru, Society and the nation. Whatever they have contributed to our life can’t be returned fully but atleast it is possible partially. We should be committed to all of them and should try to serve for them. While doing all these things we should try to maintain our inner state of happiness. “whole hearted acceptance of our destiny” is the only answer for all queries and worries of man. Our Chinmay is a greatest gift offered by GOD and we are chosen parents by HIM. CHINMAYA is source of our happiness strength CHINMAYA(SAT-CHIT-ANAND) is ultimate aim of my life

proud to be chinmay’s mother.