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Discussion With H. H. Swami Tejomayanand Saraswati
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We can see the goals of Bal-vihar in swamiji’s speech “March of Future”:
  1. To train the children and induct among them the reverence for our ancient culture and inspire them to live up to it with correct understanding.
  2. To create self confidence to serve and act cheerfully.
  3. To generate true affection in all contacts, inculcate personal discipline and a true spirit of leadership.
  4. To mould their capacity to express and assert their individuality.
  5. To bring out their dormant faculties and detect defects, cultivate and improve their creative abilities.
  6. To help them develop a healthy restraint over temptation in the atmosphere in which they grow.
  7. To provide an atmosphere to grow with noble ideals, healthy emotions and physical discipline.
Children are the architects of the future world, and builders of nation. We should adopt a methodical approach to foster their innate talents and heighten their spiritual potential. Children are the cream of our generation and are the rulers and makers of tomorrow. Upon them depends the future of our nation. In the context of education, Swamiji says, “Don’t just invest on the child. Also invest in the true education. Investment in the child’s education is not only a load of information but also the light of transformation.”
We need to pay attention to following issues:
  1. Every child has its own special features. It is different from others. Parents have to be aware of this. Direction of a child's development is to be decided accordingly.
  2. Child's personality is getting scattered due to the observation of contradictory conditions.
  3. Education should have progressive approach towards development of today's intelligent generation. Otherwise we will have to face severe consequences in future.
  4. Our children today are facing a socially very destructive situation. We have to protect them.
  5. All Sanskaras cannot be given through text books, parents have a role to play. Mother's role is especially important.
  6. The right age to give this training is 6 - 12 years. This is the most suitable age to give Sanskaras.
  7. We must teach the children not only to have right values and conviction of their own but also to have the heroism to live up to them.
  8. In this influential age creation of beautiful world around them is important. Similarly, love and respect for this beautiful world and its expression is important. Training during this period is of 24 hours.
  9. Next stages in child's education are: 5 - 10, 10 - 14, 14 -18, 18 -20, 20 -25 years.
  10. 'Catch them young' should be the vision of child education.
  11. School atmosphere and atmosphere at home is important in development of child. Schools should be like homes; at the same time, there should be emphasis on cultured actions.
  12. Child's present is important in his education.
  13. Children should develop ability to face challenges since childhood.
  14. Education should help to produce charismatic persons who will seriously think about the country's future.
  15. Value-education has to start in the pre-birth stage.
  16. Sowing of seeds of good values is not enough, they should have the courage to bring them into practice.
  17. For healthy development of children healthy environment is necessary.
  18. Education is not a five-year or ten-year plan, but it is a life-long process.
  19. Parents will have to be given an informal spiritual training course. We found objectives of this activity in goal of BALVIHAR .ACTIVITY OF CHINMAYA MISSION

Target Group for Children Empowerment program is as follows Children between the age 6 th to 15 th year old

For CEP Training period will Tree days
Topics For Training

  1. Garden  of Life   2)Geeta for children    3)I love You    4)Game Of Life  5)Stotra Chants

6)Patriotic Group Songs Fast Bhajans  7)Right thinking  8)Know what you have  9)As I think
10) chirantan Guru ect
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Resource Persons:-
1)Acharya of Chinmaya Mission
Honorarium:- T.A.D.A. As per U.G.C and Government Norms