Splendid Welcome Rangoli By Students
Discussion With H. H. Swami Tejomayanand Saraswati
Opening Ceremony
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Award by YCMOU :
Dr. Anand Wachkar best book Award by YCMOU Nishik to "udayonmukh baratiya samajatil shikshan

Special Achievement :
  1. Include Name in 9th edition of whos who Biographical Directory of Americab Biographical Institute.
  2. Nomination for woman of achievement for 2005.
  3. Internal evaluation committee.
  4. Get Anand Wasker Best Book award to “My Book” Udyonmukh Bhartiya Samajatil Shikshan.

  1. Recognize councilor of various courses of YCMOU Nashik.
    1. Diploma in school Management.
    2. B. Ed. Course
    3. M. Ed. Course.
    4. M. Phill Course.
  2. Recognized Ph. D supervisor for Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University.
  3. Recognize Research guide for following course of YCMOU Nashik.
    1. M. Ed.
    2. M. Phill.

Research guidance :
  1. B. Ed. Level – Guided 20 students for action research.
  2. M. Ed. Level – Guided 30 students for research and 10 students are doing research.
  3. M. Phil Level – Guided 3 students.
  4. Ph. D. Level – 7 Research scholars are doing Ph. D Research under my guidance.