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Discussion With H. H. Swami Tejomayanand Saraswati
Opening Ceremony
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Swami Chinmayananda Studies Centre Message
I, Dr. Vasudha V. Deo am extremely delighted to present the prospectus of “Six Months Diploma Course based on Thoughts of H.H. SWAMI CHINMAYANANDA” and also information about various activities. It is pride for my institute that this college is recommended as H.H. SWAMI CHINMAYANANDA STUDIES CENTRE .This is First Studies Centre in the world funded by UNIVERSITY GRANT COMMISSION (UGC) NEW DELHI.

Established in the year 1956,Government College of Education, Akola this is the only institute in Vidarbha region which has reached the zenith of success. “Sa VidyaYaVimuktaye” is themotto of theinstitute inspired by the aims such as overall personality development and other related factors through the process of training to the teachers and to cultivate teaching values to the teachers of the future.
Vision And Mission
  • To understand educational contribution of Swami Chinmayananda
  • To understand various educational concepts
  • To understand innovative concepts and innovative practices found in educational thoughts of Swami Chinmayananda
  • To create focus on contemporary issues in education
  • To create focus on education for sustainable development in Indian context
  • To create focus on approaches to education
The highly talented, dedicated, efficient, honest and sincere teaching staff and equally competent non-teaching staff are the hallmarks of this premier institute. The students, who are selected on merit, are regularly exposed to advanced audio-visual aids, technological aids, prosperous library and efficient Extension Services Department of the institute. All these factors have contributed in continuous up-gradation of the institute over a period of time. The overall outcome of the training by social, spiritual, and educational dimensions has resulted inattaining a highly thoughtful aesthetic sense of teaching.

Sri Swami Chinmayananda was not only the sage of modern times, not only a guru but also a great visionary, whose work touched not only India but the whole world.A spring of love, ocean of knowledge, in the heart as compassionate as only a mother could be, a strict disciplinarian --- Swamiji’s life in itself was so virtuously disposed that it was like a model for all the devotees and followers. He was an ideal Guru,a teacher. His life mission was to strengthen and empower India in such a way that it could regain its past grandeur and glory. He spent his life time sowing, in the minds of people, the seeds of the values of love towards nation, pride for culture, sense of service to others, and love for spirituality. He felt, India should be powerful in all the fields. He used to draw an imaginary picture of India as a super power, but he was ever insistent that tolerance and tolerance alone should emanate from the great power.

No mission can successfully function and produce satisfactory results unless it has its own vision. Higher the vision, greater the mission. Now is the time that we need a clear vision to make the mission a really dynamic one, asserting itself against the perversion-- moral, political, and social --that we see around us. The heritage of 500 years of slavery is too strong upon the minds of our generation. We must, with all efforts, break it. As human beings we must learn to drop all class or caste distinctions. We must forget even to entertain them! All are Narayana only.“No Transfusion of idea only Transformation”.This is the motto of H.H. Chinmayananda Studies Centre. I congratulate all those persons who are now part of this ocean of knowledge. In the service of lord,

Swami Chinmayananda Studies Centre